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Our Committment to Quality

Cashew is our name and Cashew is our game.

Our primary business is providing state of art technologies and support systems on a variety of scales to produce, process, package, and sell high-quality cashew kernels, cashew nuts, and cashew products from Cote D’Ivoire and occasionally from different regions of West Africa.

Our long-standing experience in this business provides quality-controlled mechanisms offering a variety of cashew nut preparations in different grades and sizes, ranging from raw to roasted, unsalted to salted, and processed final products ranging from spreads to beverages.


Our product portfolio offers a full description of the different state of art processing support that we can provide for the cashew business industry ranging from harvesting, refinement, packaging, new product development, and worldwide marketing and sales. Our processing capacity is scalable and is tightly linked to that of our network of regional partners. Current production ranges in aggregate up to 2000 tons and as an example we have the experience of processing 6,000 tons per year with an output of 1,500 tons of cashew nuts and 450 tons of cashew butter and further devising novel mechanisms for improved scale-up.


Quality Management

Our high-level quality controlled facilities represent the state of art in the cashew business with more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Our quality controlled and assured plants are ISO 9002 certified with Ecocert Organic Certification and we are also in process of building new plants worldwide based on similar prototypes with plans to incorporate USDA, other internationally accredited and Kosher certifications.

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