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Dear Valued Supplier,

To ensure compliance with Food Safety and regulatory standards from our sources of foreign suppliers, our ability to provide consistently safe and legal products to our customers we ask for your cooperation in completing the following questionnaire and returning it back to us.

The list of questions outlined is to better understand your company’s compliance and capabilities. We have also included requirements for labeling and packaging.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Section 1. Requirements

a. Documents

We require a Continuing Letter of Guarantee from each supplier of food ingredients and/or food packaging be sent to us on Company Letterhead, indicating the suitability of supplied products for food use. These letters should be renewed in January of each year. Additional documentation requirements is listed below.

b. Additional documentation requirements are listed below.

Product Name & Description
Net Weight
# of units/count (if applicable)
Lot Number
Manufacturing Date / Best By Date
Ingredient List (including allergens)
Company Name & Address
Recommended storage (if applicable)
Specification/size (if applicable)
Color (if applicable)
Kosher Designation (if applicable)
Halal Designation (if applicable)
Product Specification Sheet (included with shipment)
No Ethyl alcohol present in ingredients or flavorings- statement (where applicable)

c. Packaging requirements

Packages of any type should be well sealed to prevent contamination or intrusion by pests during storage or transportation. Corrugated packaging containing raw materials intended for food use should have inner bags or liners made from a food-grade material.

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